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Steps to Take Before You Ask for a Divorce


Making the decision to file for a divorce is never an easy step. The process can seem terrifying and overwhelming. The decisions you make not only during the divorce process but prior to the divorce can affect much of the outcome. Consider these steps before you ask for a divorce or file paperwork in a court of law regarding your divorce decision.

Be 100% Sure

Every marriage has difficult patches and excruciatingly rough times. Many times one spouse or both spouses can be discouraged, frustrated, and angry. Emotional can run high, and oftentimes decisions are made that people later regret. Before serving divorce papers on your spouse, make sure that this permanent decision is one that you truly want to make. If you have done everything you think is appropriate, such as visiting a pastor, priest, or counselor regarding your divorce, and still believe that you should go through the process, then move forward. However, once you make the decision to file paperwork regarding divorce and have your spouse served, the decision may be irreversible. If your spouse is angry enough regarding being served divorce papers, any chance at reconciliation may be gone.

Consider Your Finances

You should think not only of your emotions but of your finances before you file for divorce. Before you file for a divorce and serve papers on your spouse, while things are still relatively calm, you should take the time to do a very careful analysis of all of your finances. Consider checking your checking and saving accounts, along with any retirement accounts, safety deposit boxes, bank accounts or other assets you may have. If you have a separate account only under your name, you should consider changing the password as soon as possible. Create a spreadsheet that will help you understand your current financial situation and what your life will look like following a divorce.

Consider Your Children

One of the major issues in a divorce regards both the custody of the children as well as child support matters. Take time to consider what you would want the child custody arrangement to look like. These situations typically cause a great deal of stress, so making an effort ahead of the divorce to think about what you want with a clear head will help you when the time comes to make these decisions that are best for your children. The court will always take into consideration the best interest of the child, and it is important that your wishes reflect that.

Consider Your Living Situation

Never leave your marital home if possible. If you or your children are in danger in any way, then, of course, leave your home, and contact the authorities. However, absent abuse, if you leave your marital home, you may have a difficult time moving back into it. Always contact an experienced divorce attorney to help you make this decision before you move out.

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