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Las Vegas Divorce Modification Attorney

The purpose of a divorce decree is to provide long-term plans for a couple after they get divorced. All the orders within a divorce decree are final and legally binding. Still, this does not mean that they are set in stone. The provisions within a divorce decree may make sense when they are originally ordered, but there may come a time when they are no longer practical. In these instances, it may be possible to modify an order. Below, our Las Vegas divorce modification attorney explains the grounds for amending an order and what you can expect.

Grounds for Modifying a Divorce Decree

Although modifying a divorce decree is possible, the family courts in Nevada take these cases very seriously. In order to obtain a modification, you or your former spouse must show the court that circumstances have changed substantially. You or your former spouse must also show that these changes have made it difficult to meet post-divorce obligations. Substantial changes that can result in a modification include:

  • A significant increase or decrease in income
  • Circumstances that affect the welfare of your child
  • Changes in spousal support
  • The sale of real estate
  • The liquidation of assets

Modifying Alimony and Child Support

Not all petitions for modifications are granted. The law in Nevada outlines standards you or your former spouse must meet to proceed with a divorce modification. When trying to modify alimony or child support orders, you must show that there has been a significant change in the obligor’s income. In Nevada, this is approximately 20 percent of an increase or decrease of the obligor’s income.

Modifying Child Custody Orders

Obtaining a child custody modification is slightly different from modifying child support and alimony. Still, an amendment made to a child custody arrangement may require further modifications for alimony or child support.

In the majority of cases, a parent will try to modify a child custody order if there has been a substantial change that renders them unable to continue having custody, or spending as much time with the child. For example, a parent may get a new job that requires them to work much longer shifts during the time they would spend with a young child at home. A parent may also petition the court to modify a custody order if they believe the child’s other parent is unfit.

The main factor a judge will consider when modifying a custody order is the same as when a judge issues an original order. Family law judges only consider what is in the child’s best interests, and not necessarily what a parent wants.

Call Our Experienced Divorce Modification Attorney in Las Vegas

Life changes and so, you may have to modify your original divorce order at some point. At Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices, our Las Vegas divorce modification attorney can answer your questions, guide you through the process, and give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Call or text us now at 702-878-1115 or chat with us online to request a consultation and to get the legal help you need.

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