What Happens Here Often Ends Here: Famous Vegas Divorces

By August 20, 2016Divorce, Family Law
divorce las vegas

Las Vegas and weddings go together. This is just as true for celebrities as it is for us mere mortals. If $99 drive-through chapels aren’t your thing, practically every casino in Sin City has party facilities and a wedding planner on staff.

A fair number of Vegas marriages – both celebrity and non-celebrity – end with a visit to a divorce lawyer, though. Nevada’s divorce rate is the highest in the nation; nearly 14 percent of the Silver State’s residents are survivors of failed marriages according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the city with the highest divorce rate; a study called “American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates” found that 12 percent of all males and 14.6 percent of all females living in Vegas are divorced.

Here’s a look at some noteworthy celebrity divorces:

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If you’ve decided to end your marriage, an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney can help you safeguard rights like the ability to maintain a loving relationship with any children you may have and a fair division of any marital property. Divorces can raise a number of complicated issues, and it’s good to be prepared. Whether your divorce is amicable or antagonistic, it’s in your best interests to seek legal counsel during this stressful time.

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