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Guide to Domestic Violence


The federal government passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in Congress in 1994. While domestic violence has always been an issue, the passage of this national law highlighted that domestic violence would be addressed nationally as a significant and important issue. Over 25 years later, there are still terrible examples of domestic abuse throughout the United States. If you are considering divorce due to domestic abuse, contact a police officer, law enforcement or a domestic abuse shelter as soon as possible for your own safety.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence affects every race, ethnicity, geographical area and financial class in the United States. While most people think of domestic violence as stereotypical physical abuse, domestic violence is actually any controlling behavior used by one person against another that are in an intimate or family relationship that exhibits some sort of domination. While physical abuse one of the traditionally known types of domestic abuse, the following are also examples of domestic violence:

  • Harassing Behavior (stalking, refusal to leave when asked, monitoring where the victim is continuous)
  • Threatening Behavior (any threat made either verbally or physically to the victim, animals, children, friends or family members, shouting, or brandishing of weapons)
  • Financial Control (if one person systemically controls another by threatening or refusing to pay necessary bills, refusing to provide agreed-upon money needed for food or other necessities, threatening the victim at their place of employment, or refusing to assist the other partner by even attempting to seek employment or work)
  • Abuse of Trust (a pattern of behavior that includes lying, withholding significant information, adultery, jealous outbursts)
  • Property Destruction (damaging or harming property)
  • Self-Destructive Behavior (patterns of drug or alcohol abuse, suicide threats as an attempt to control the other’s behavior, driving recklessly with the victim in the vehicle)
  • Physical Abuse (any type of physical abuse including slapping, hitting, strangling, holding forcefully, kicking, grabbing, hair pulling, shaking, burning, squeezing, twisting your arms, or any other way to intentionally injure the victim.)

Domestic Violence in America

The statistics are harrowing. Over 3 million incidents of domestic violence are reported every year. These are just the incidents that are reported, and there are many thousands that go unreported yearly. 3 million incidents amount to one domestic violence incident every nine seconds. Tragically, almost 4,000 victims are killed yearly due to domestic violence. Even more shocking is that statistics show that one-fourth of all relationships are associated with domestic violence.

If you are the victim of any kind of domestic abuse or violence, please seek help as soon as possible.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

Your safety is paramount. If you are considering divorce due to domestic violence, first seek immediate help and get you and your children to safety.  After you and your children are safe, contact the experienced and compassionate Las Vegas divorce attorneys at Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices. We can answer all of your divorce questions, and help you with your next steps. Visit with one of our attorneys at 410-535-5500 today for your free consultation.





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