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8 Big Misconceptions About Alimony and Child Support

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Alimony is money that is paid to one’s ex-spouse after a divorce. Child support is money that is paid in order to support a minor child. Most people know what child support and alimony are, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. Below is a list of some of the biggest misconceptions about child support and alimony.

Myth: Alimony Is a Right

Fact: Many people believe that they are automatically entitled to alimony if their marriage ends. However, that is far from the truth. Alimony, or spousal support, is not always mandatory. There are several things that the court takes into consideration before ordering alimony. This includes factors such as the length of the marriage, the health of the parties, the hardships of each party and the standard of living that was established by each party. There may not be any need for alimony if both people have jobs and can support themselves.

Myth: Age Has No Effect on Alimony

Fact: Age actually has a large impact on alimony. The age of a person affects his or her ability to work, as well as what stage of their life they may retire, and what their work history is. That is why the court takes age into consideration before deciding whether or not to order alimony.

Myth: Child Support Is Garnished From One’s Paycheck

Fact: Child support is typically not garnished from one’s paycheck. As long as there is an agreement made between the two parents, and the child support payments are made on time, child support will not be garnished from one’s paycheck.

Myth: If the Couple Has Been Married For 10 Years, Then the Person Is Guaranteed Alimony For Life

Fact: The length of the marriage is one of the factors that the court takes into consideration when deciding whether to award a party alimony. However, just because a couple has been married for more than 10 years does not mean that a person has to support his or her ex-spouse for life, or has to support their spouse at all. There are numerous other factors that the court considers when deciding how long to order alimony or if alimony will be ordered at all.

Myth: It Is Easy to Get Child Support Modification

Fact: The amount that a person has to pay in child support is not set in stone. It can be modified if both parents come to an agreement. However, if they are unable to come to an agreement, then they must go to court to get child support modified. Child support should be reviewed every three years, or upon a change in circumstances, which is defined as a 20% change in income.

Myth: I Don’t Have to Keep in Touch With the Mother or Father of My Child if I Am Paying Child Support

Fact: Both parents are required to keep in contact with each other until the child turns 18 regarding the basic legal information for the child, i.e. where they live, and how to contact the child.

Myth: Alimony Is Automatically Paid Every Month

Fact: Many people make alimony payments every month. However, others will pay it in a yearly lump sum.

Myth: I Won’t Have to Pay Child Support If My Spouse Remarries

Fact: If the court orders you to pay child support, then you will have to pay it regardless of whether or not your spouse remarries. You may also be required to go back to court.

It’s important to know the truth, and not believe these misconceptions about child support and alimony, when you are beginning a divorce or separation proceeding.

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