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What to Look For in a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer

petition to file for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a heart-wrenching and stressful process. The recent economic recession has caused a lot of individuals to file for bankruptcy in order to find some relief. The recent changes in the Las Vegas bankruptcy laws have made filing and negotiation for bankruptcy a little more complicated. At a time like this, it’s important to get some professional help and get an attorney who can guide you throughout the process. In order to choose the best attorney for your case, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when considering a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer.

Specializes in Bankruptcy

The best way to go is to get a specialist. If the primary cases that the attorney handles are bankruptcy cases, it means that he or she is up to date with all the new laws and amendments and will foresee any pitfalls or problems that may arise in your case.

Familiar with Local Laws

Make sure that the attorney is familiar with local Las Vegas bankruptcy laws. Since all laws vary according to state, it’s important to choose an attorney who not only knows these laws but is also familiar with the trustees, who will play a role in your case.

Experience Matters

Bankruptcy cases are some of the most complex cases that Las Vegas attorneys are faced with. It’s best to choose an attorney who has some experience with these cases. If the attorney has been working as a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer for a significant amount of time, he will have collected sufficient experience and expertise to handle your case. If the case is relatively simple or you cannot afford a more experienced attorney, you may choose to opt for a lesser experienced attorney who will be able to handle your case.


If you’re filing for bankruptcy, you may not have the money and resources to take care of the legal fees of filing for bankruptcy. The amount that the attorney will charge as fees depends upon whether the case is being filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

When filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the amount of fees that will be charged will be according to the complication of the case. Most attorneys will demand full payment upfront before they file your case in such situations. It’s best to get an initial quote from attorneys before choosing them to file your case. Chapter 7 bankruptcies can only be filed once after every 7 years. Many assets owned by bankrupt individuals are protected by laws of exemption where they cannot be used to pay off creditors. These are also known as no-asset bankruptcies.

If filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy under Las Vegas bankruptcy laws, the lawyer will usually be bound by district guidelines regarding the amount that can be charged. The only difference in the amount that will be charged is that of upfront fee. You may have to pay an upfront fee before filing the case and then make a series of payments long with the progression of your case.

When choosing a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, make sure that you have discussed the upfront fee and the serial payment expectations before you file your case.

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