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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers: The Inquest of life!


“Love the quest, marry the conquest; divorce, the inquest”

“I do” might sound like words that are going to last you a lifetime; but when a divorce comes around it is messy, it is sticky, and not to mention in most instances, very costly. Las Vegas divorce lawyers are here to not just help but manage the nitty-gritty and technicalities of your divorce as well. Las Vegas divorce lawyers are veterans at handling such instances, and usually know how to alleviate you of your stress and tension that comes with this situation. Having a comprehensive understanding of the situation they provide you top-notch services, up-to date notes, an online child custody tool and of course, the best service possible.

Las Vegas divorce lawyers comprehend that certain services and questions are similar, hence, answering them simultaneously sorts out all issues.

How long do I have to live in Las Vegas before I can file for divorce?

As long as the requirement of “durational residency” is satisfied, filing for divorce in Las Vegas in not an issue at all. An individual who is continuously residing in Las Vegas for at least six weeks falls under this category and has the legal right to file a complaint for divorce.

Where do I file for divorce in Las Vegas?

There is appropriate specific court house that handles all the legalities and procedures, and Las Vegas divorce lawyers are equipped enough to handle the situation in an adept and professional manner.

What fee is going to be charged for divorce in Las Vegas?

The filing fee owed to the court for a complaint for divorce has been set as $299. Las Vegas divorce lawyers make certain to inform the client of all the various details that tend to follow.

Is there a waiting period of any sort before divorce can be rightfully granted?

Las Vegas does not require any waiting period of any sort. The only requirement that needs to be fulfilled is one where the duration of residency is followed in an appropriate fashion. Las Vegas divorce lawyers ascertain that they cater, manage and follow your issues in the most customized manner possible.

How can I serve my spouse in Las Vegas?

To serve your spouse in Las Vegas you are essentially required to give a copy of the required documents to the opposing party and then consecutively file for an affidavit of service with the District Court Clerk’s office.  In the instance that personal service cannot be accomplished, a Complaint may seek relief from the District Court and obtain an order to publish service in a publication that is hence forth circulated for a period of five consecutive weeks.

Given the rules that are required to be followed, filing for a divorce is something that can be accomplished with ease and little effort. Las Vegas divorce lawyers have everything under wraps and control as far as filing for a divorce is concerned, and they will handle your case with panache and poise.

Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices has experienced Las Vegas family attorneys who can guide you through this difficult time. Contact us now by filing out the form to the right or calling us at 702-878-1115.

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