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How to File for Chapter 7 under Las Vegas Bankruptcy Laws

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Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to make a completely new financial start, eliminating previous debts, no matter how big or small. It allows people to eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, judgments, personal loans, and deficiencies on vehicles that have been repossessed.

Although it sounds too good to be true, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a great way to restart your financial life. Meeting the eligibility for Chapter 7 under Las Vegas bankruptcy law however is extremely tricky and difficult. In this case, it’s always best to hire a lawyer who will be able to guide you throughout the procedure of the filing.

Assess debts

Make sure that your debts are applicable to be filed under Chapter 7 Las Vegas bankruptcy laws. Collateral that has been offered against secured debts may still be taken by the creditor, and child support payments are not dischargeable under chapter 7 either.


Take the Means Test to find out whether or not you are eligible to apply for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Eligibility is usually dependent on the income and debts of the individual. If the average income for the six months prior to application is less than the median family income of your particular family size in the state then you will be deemed eligible to apply for Chapter 7 under Las Vegas bankruptcy law.

Fill Bankruptcy Forms

The forms that need to be filled require financial information about the individual applying for Chapter 7. You will be required to provide information about property, income, debt and expenses incurred on a monthly basis. You will also need to provide a list of creditors and the amounts you are liable to pay. At this point you will need to determine which debts can be disputed, which can be claimed for exemption, and what property can be given for collateral. The next step will be to file all the above mentioned forms in order to officially start the bankruptcy procedure under Chapter 7 of the Las Vegas Bankruptcy law. You can either file the documents all at once or submit a 2 page form and provide the rest within 15 days of application.

Attend Meetings

Most cases require a one-time meeting at the court where you will need to meet with a trustee or certain creditors. Your case will be reviewed and the problems within your forms will be dealt with.

Objections and Motions

When you are disputing any claims made by a creditor, you will need to challenge these matters before the case is closed.

 Secured Debts

The forms that you initially file will ask you how you meant to take care of secured debts. Before the bankruptcy case is closed you will be expected to act on all those suggestions and close off all secured debts.


Once the procedure is complete the court will issue an order which will state that you are no longer liable to pay off any debts, known as a discharge. Once you have been declared bankrupt under Chapter 7 of the Las Vegas bankruptcy law, you will have no legal obligation to pay off any discharged debts and the creditor will not have a legal right to demand it.

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