Prenuptial Agreements

Getting engaged and planning your marriage and your future together is an exciting, happy time. It is also important to be prepared in the event that some things may not go as planned, especially here in Las Vegas. A prenuptial agreement is a useful tool that couples use to provide themselves peace of mind in case of the unexpected.

Prenuptial agreements establish what happens to the assets and debts each person has now, as well as those they may obtain in the future, in the event a marriage ends. In the process of creating a prenuptial agreement, the couple will know exactly what each person is bringing into the relationship from a financial standpoint, so that there will be no surprises. In the event of a divorce, having a prenuptial agreement can save the couple from having to go through timely and expensive litigation to determine their financial rights and obligations.

The prenuptial agreement will set out any and all of the following provisions to control what happens financially throughout the marriage or in the event of a divorce:

  • What property is considered “separate property” and what is considered “community property”
  • Who is responsible to pay for the debt each party has before the marriage
  • What happens to any business interests or investments you have now, or that you may obtain in the future
  • How financial responsibilities will be shared during the marriage
  • How your property and debts will be divided should you get divorced
  • How any children you have will be provided for financially
  • The amount of spousal support to be paid should you get divorced

In Nevada, couples creating a prenuptial agreement will each have their own attorney. At Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices, we will help you create your prenuptial agreement in a friendly, professional environment. We will clearly explain your rights and obligations so that you are well-informed. Most importantly, we will ensure that your rights are protected.

Postnuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement is a contract that married couples or domestic partners can create to define their financial rights and obligations, similar to a prenuptial agreement. Here in Las Vegas, a postnuptial agreement can cover all of the provisions listed above for prenuptial agreements. The main difference is that postnuptial agreements are created after the parties are already married or in a domestic partnership.

Postnuptial agreements are a useful tool to clearly set out what each person’s financial responsibilities are in the marriage going forward, and to provide couples with certainty in the event of a separation or divorce. The experienced attorneys at Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices will create a postnuptial agreement that will protect your rights and give you peace of mind.

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